Monday, February 19, 2007

And the winner is ...

Paradise Street! We signed the papers this morning, and paid another visit this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Claus look absolutely overwhelmed. They really do have a LOT of stuff to move. We, on the other hand, will be the opposite. I pared down a one-bedroom condo to live in a four-bedroom house. Yes, you read that correctly. Four bedrooms, three toilets, two showers, one tub. Plan your trip now. And bring 8 friends. And some cash for dinner because we probably won't have any left.

They aren't four American-sized bedrooms, mind you. One will likely be John's dressing room and office. (I know, I know, what does he need a dressing room for. Well, he wakes up a whole lot earlier than I do and therefore usually requires his clothes before I'm awake, and there's one room that's got built in cupboards (closets) and room for a small desk.) Another has room for a double bed, probably -- guest room it is. The next two are a toss up. There's what seems like the natural bedroom -- perfectly good sized room with an en suite toilet and shower. BUT the third floor is one enormous room with a pitched roof, skylights, and dormer things. I can only imagine how hot this room gets in the summer, though. Decisions, decisions.

Have I mentioned the sunroom and small enclosed garden with plenty of room for herbs? I hereby am putting in a request for an auntie or a grandma or mom to come and plant me a British herb garden. (Be sure you're pronouncing that h on herb.)

So, basically, we just rented the house we were looking for in Silver Spring. Or Vienna. Or Cleveland Park but couldn't afford. And I, the one who will be working in the house every day, am extremely excited about it and feel very blessed.

Shoutouts to SZ, AC, and AuntieM for voting! The pilot (ahem, TOTALLY HOT pilot) who owned the adorable house on Earl St. has decided not to rent out the house just now anyway.

One of these days I'll return to the regularly scheduled programming of British culture shock, and adaptation. Or maybe I will just stick to the mundane details, like how I went to the open-air market this morning and bought asparagus and tulips, and then got a bratwurst for breakfast. I love this place.

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