Friday, February 23, 2007

Filthy Frogs and naked ladies

I'm slowly getting into "football" and the big event at the moment is the UEFA cup, a competition among the top European club teams. The UK is excited because their best clubs take on the rest of the EU so teams like Liverpool and Manchester United play Barcelona and Real Madrid. Dominating the headlines this week was a game we saw on Tuesday in which the heavily-favored Manchester United played in France against Lille. Lille dominated the game but neither team could score (yep, that's why us Yanks ignore the game) until the last 10 minutes when Lille fouled United. As Lille set up a wall of players between the ball and the goal, a United player quickly kicked the ball into the goal, catching everyone by surprise. Normally, one waits for the ref to move back the wall of playets and blow the whistle but United didn't have to wait. Lille went crazy, yelling at the ref and almost walking off. The fans started throwing stuff--all in all a typical European football match. The headline on the Daily Sport the next day was "Filthy Frogs!" and the stories continue in the papers today.

Now I only relate this tale to justify my purchase of the Daily Sport, which had 3 lingerie-clad women on the cover and those same women with no clothes on the inside. In fact, most of the tabloid was ads for phone-sex lines and pictures of topless women who seem to roam across the UK in great numbers if this paper is any indication. I swear I bought the paper for the sports coverage but try telling that to my wife.

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