Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Flowers in Cambridge

JT brought up the other day that he's lived a couple of places where they say that if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. Here, though, that's actually true. We will amass quite a collection of umbrellas, I am sure.

Today being a beautiful, sunny day, I decided to take a long walk on my way into the office. (Meetings and conference calls and such.) Also, yesterday the Cambridge Evening News ran a picture of crocuses blooming on the Backs. And finally, KB over at The Little Garden requested more veggie (in British, that's just veg) pics. Will flowers suffice? :)

Let's start with the tulips I bought on Monday for £1.75:

(After I took this picture, I changed the water and cut new ends. Two hours later, they were a wilty mess. Waaaah. Was I not supposed to do that?)

Then, oh, 150 yards or so from our flat, here are some daffodils in front of Parker's Piece:

(That style of bollard is supposedly unique to Cambridge - forged by the ironworks place here in town down on the river. Or so says the guy we sat next to at last week's wine tasting.)

Ah, some veg! Well, a broad shot, anyway. This is one of the larger produce stalls at the daily market.

Pretty! (I am going to opt not to identify anything, since I am very likely to be wrong.)

Hmm, this pic isn't very impressive when it's tiny. (Also note that it is no longer sunny. See note above re: changing weather.)

And finally, some daffodils with the world-famous King's College Chapel behind it. Get used to pictures of the chapel -- blog readers will see a lot of them. And it's worth it.

So there you have it! I'm not promising to honor (or rather, honour) all requests, but let us know what you're curious about!


Kathryn Brown said...

Thanks for the fabulous pics! Here in DC, most crocus and daffodils are still just sharp green points edging above the frozen ground. BTW, you can't hurt tulips by changing the water and cutting the ends...maybe they're getting too much sun. Cut tulips tend to be happiest in cool, indirect sunlight.

When you've fully explored Cambridge and you're ready for some truly spectacular spring scenery, consider driving down to the Lake District, 4-5 hours away (I think). Ambleside, Grasmere, and Windemere are so charming you'll want to set up cottage and stay. See:

OK. It's official. I'm jealous.

Brian said...

Yes, post more pics of King's College - it reminds me of my college days, when I lived down the street from the U of Michigan law school, which is a 3/4 scale replica.

In my one afternoon in Cambridge I heard a boy's choir in the chapel...I believe they sing every afternoon (or maybe I was just lucky). Worth a listen. The boys stand on either side of an aisle with listeners in the middle...stereo!