Saturday, February 17, 2007

Of sausages, haircuts, and the English channel

Three exciting firsts today. I received my first haircut from a British barber--and discovered the clipper settings don't truly match those in the U.S. Let's just say I got a summer shorn in February and my ears are much colder now. I also bought my first book--a history of the English channel--at a cool used bookstore for 1 pound ($2). It seemed like an appropriate purchase for someone new to the country. A bit later I ate my first sausage from one of the many local sausage carts--and got what I consider a frequent sausage card (eat eight get one free). It was tasty but I think I prefer the half-smokes from the DC street vendors. Also packed into the day was a trip to the outdoor market, 2 craft fairs, and the massive retail park on the edge of town--where all the big box equivalents of best buy, home depot, etc are.


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