Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our first trip to London!

We took our first trip into London on Friday night! It was nearly spontaneous and wasn't too hard. Wanna know where we went?

Are you ready for it?

Yes, our first trip south toward London was to Ikea. We've got a house to furnish, you know. We planned to go on Saturday, but once I started looking around, I discovered that the easiest train route to the Ikea doesn't run on weekends. Then, they're doing track work on the tube, so we wouldn't have been able to take the subway from the other station, King's Cross, to the Ikea. So, after work Friday, we jumped on the train to Swedish Meatball Land to buy us some cheap Swedish furniture. Here's what we bought:

-not a bed
-not a dresser
-not nightstands
-not a livingroom chair
-AND, a sofa that cost twice as much as we meant to spend.

I had a sofa picked out from the catalog, but when we got there, it was ... wrong. So we had to decide whether to get a different sofa or no sofa at all. We said, oh, heck with it, and bought a different one. However, it has to be special-ordered, and won't be ready for a couple of weeks.

Then we moved onto the bedroom section, where we also had picked out a bed. I sent John on ahead to choose a color. By the time I finished up with the sofa and met up with him, he knew exactly what we wanted. We go to the counter to find ... that they've temporarily stopped making that bed. (The Malm bed, for all you Ikea fans.)

So, we had intended to leave Ikea having settled all the major pieces of furniture and having it all delivered on move-in day. Instead we have a sofa that won't be ready for weeks.

But, it's fine. I scored a nice table and 6 chairs at Salvation Army this week, and the landlords are leaving a small futon. AND, this afternoon, we went and bought a mattress and frame. With a little luck, our 32 boxes will arrive this week, too, so things are definitely falling into place.

AND, I'm taking another trip to London on Monday, and, hopefully, it will be blog-worthy. Stay tuned.

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