Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Don't make the lollipop lady cry!

Ripped from the headlines...of the Cambridge Evening News (the amusing local newspaper).

Headline: Hands off my A-S-S-S-S-STRA. Snake shock at garage
Story: 3ft dead python found behind dashboard of a car called an Astra. "We were gobsmacked" says service manager.

Headline: Lollipop lady ignored
Story: Lollipop ladies are apparently the women who hold up "Stop" signs at school crossings and this one was "left in tears" as cars sped by her and students on Monday.

Headline: Council hatches plan to curb duck growth
Story: The pretty village to the north, Ely, apparently has an ever-growing duck population and need to take special measures to stop eggs hatching. My in-laws with deer problems can relate.

Till next edition of Ripped from the Headline--jt

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