Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't Kiss Me Kate

No, no trouble in our household, it's just time for


Prince William and the fair Kate Middleton, his girfriend of 5-plus years, have "amicably split" not long after rumors they would soon be engaged. Of course, the night before this made front page news everywhere, the cad was out partying with other women til 3:30am in a London nightclub, according to the reporting I've done by reading all the tabloids. She can do so much better than "Wills", don't you think? I guess the souvenir dishes and teamugs were a bit premature.


ScienceCat said...

Just out of curiosity--did this obsession with the Royals predate your move to the UK, or is it something that comes with the apartment rental agreement?--SZ

KTinDC said...

Actually, it's a requirement of our work visas. :)