Thursday, April 5, 2007

Guten Morgen from Deutschland!

This is the view out my window this morning at Gasthof Engel. Lovely. I didn't have time to walk over and look at the mountains this morning, and now it's cloudy. Oh well -- hopefully I'll have other opportunities. Anyway, you'll see I'm very high up -- yep, gotta go up quite a few stairs. It's a nice, big room -- and a traditional European B&B. That is, no tv, radio, clock, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, etc., and the towels are the texture of sandpaper from being line-dried. It's very charming, though, and I'm definitely seeing the differences of life on "the continent," as they call it in the UK.
I give my talk this afternoon, and I'm putting the finishing touches on my presentation right now. After that, I can relax!
Also, Blogger has decided that since I'm in Germany, I should blog in German and so all the commands are in German. I'm going to now push the button "Veroffentlichen" and see what happens. :)

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