Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This week's weird food things

In the U.K. package of Starburst, there's a purple one. It's flavor? Blackcurrant. Taste? Icky.

Next: Sushi.

Here's my receipt from sushi lunch at the sushi restaurant in town:
1 California roll: 5.60 (which was rolled in piles of roe and contained creamy goo that is not, in my opinion, supposed to be there.)
2 pieces unagi sushi: 3.60
2 pieces tuna sushi: 3.80
1 diet coke: 1.80

So that's 14.80 -- close to US $30 -- for mediocre sushi lunch. So, guess where I'll be having the happy hour whenever we visit Washington? I suppose that the sushi was decent enough, but maybe I should eat before I go to save money!

Also, I suppose I shouldn't make the pounds/dollars comparison. Fish & chips lunch at the Eagle will set you back close to US $14 -- and that's without a pint. Which is cheaper than Diet Coke.

Shall we play guess where KT and JT are going this weekend? We'll be eating a lot of chocolate and drinking a lot of beer. That narrows it down for you, doesn't it? :)

ta for now! -kt

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