Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are All Rock Singers British?

I mean, even Madonna is these days.

(This one's for the music fans. All others: as you were.)

Although the airwaves are largely devoid of American Idol contestants, there are plenty of US singers on the charts here (I'm so over Justin Timberlake, and maybe even Gwen Stephani, although when no one is around, I do tend to sing WOOOOOO WHOOOOO, WHEEEEEEE WHOOO really loud.) But we all know that great rock comes from the UK. Here's what's getting airtime here:

-Our favorite is probably Amy Winehouse. I understand that she, her beehive, and her antics have hit the US rock scene. (should that be her, her beehive ...? I don't think so, but my apologies to my friends who will lose sleep over that.)

-And of course, there's the other foul-mouthed rocker, Lilly Allen.

-The Fratellis -- Chelsea Dagger and Whistle for the Choir are the songs that gets played constantly, but it's all good.

-Mika -- Love Today is the current single.

-Mark Ronson -- OK, so he moved the US when he was 8. Still, the sound (on Stop Me, at least) is a bit British.

-Snow Patrol -- Grey's Anatomy music.

-Kaiser Chiefs -- Good stuff, but I'm already sick of Ruby.

-Travis -- great name!

I'll put a link to Natasha Bedingfield just because, hey! she's British! and because Unwritten is my Theme Song. However, I Wanna Have Your Babies is the most annoying song I ever heard.

I have no idea if all these bands' songs are being played with equal fervor in the US, so apologies if this is a dumb idea. But now I have MySpace links for when I gotta have me some Fratellis.

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Brian said...

Funny you should mention Allen and Winehouse - David Spade mentions them in his blog. Yes, I read David Spade's blog! I hadn't heard of either chick until just last night, and now twice. Sheesh.


(It's on the second page).