Friday, May 11, 2007

Give (Chick)Peas a Chance

Yesterday morning I read a Wall St Journal story about the latest fast food trend--gourmet hot dogs. Sadly, just a few days after we left DC, a place selling such dogs opened up in Adams Morgan. The WSJ story intrigued me with details of a hot dog whose meat is mixed with peanut butter--supposedly grilling it carameizes the peanut butter's sugar to give a crispy texture. Yummy--someone ship me a case please!

I think Katie and I may have spotted the next new fast food trend--a hummus bar.

Let me explain. While I didn't meet a Nigerian princess, I too was in London yesterday at a press briefing (I had a "Sir John Doe" but those are a dime a dozen around the UK). After our conferences, Katie and I met up to search for dinner. Someone had told Katie where to go for Italian restaurants so we headed that way only to find ourselves in a slightly seedy area where I saw a strip joint, a S&M club, an adult video store and a hair salon called "Take it all off". Hmm, we're not in Cambridge any more.

We finally stumbled upon a fun avenue (Wardour St) that had lots of interesting restaurants, inluding several Italian ones we discovered after eating at a nice Asia place. But the spot that most caught my eye was Hummus Bro, a hole in the wall that serves little more than hummus and a few toppings at a cheap price for London. Anyone want to open up a U.S. franchise?

And how do you eat your hummus?--take the hummusychology test.


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