Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On Weather

(I started this post days ago. This morning, Blue Sky! Sunshine! I went for an hour-long bike ride and it was glorious. I thought, rats, that weather post is going to be a bit of a lie now. By 6 p.m. the sky was black and it was pouring rain. Then it went away and now the night is lovely.)

We spent a fair bit of March and April saying, "The weather here is fantastic, neener neener neener." Well, for the last two weeks, we've gotten the true British weather -- definitely jacket weather, and don't you dare leave the house without your umbrella. And also your sunglasses.

Most of the time, the rain is very light; the university measures rainfall in millimeters. But then suddenly it will pour. Then it stops and is sunny for a spell. ("Spell" is a regular weather term here. Spells tend to be clear or sunny. Or a number of other things.)

I don't mind it, really: It suits me. And it makes for some pretty dramatic skies:

(I hope that rainbow shows up. Suppose I should have photoshopped it.)

If you ever want to know what the weather in Cambridge is, check here. And then check back again 10 minutes later. And again ...

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