Monday, May 21, 2007

Prayers for strangers

Tonight, thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. Crab over at 2Crabs. Mr. C's dad passed away yesterday, after living with Alzheimer's for 4 years then suffering a stroke a little over 2 weeks ago. Who are these folks? Complete strangers, in fact. But there are a few reasons why our hearts go out to them.

One of the things that you have to consider when you move an additional 3,500 miles from friends and family is what happens when something ... happens. You've got to accept that you can't be there for every event, both good and bad; there will be graduations, baby showers, family reunions, etc. things that you simply can't attend. And that there may be a time when you do need to get home quickly. This was in every book, every website, every online forum we consulted, and all of them noted to seriously consider this when deciding whether to move overseas.

On a completely different note, the author of 2Crabs is a journalist. From DC. Who moved to London with his wife about 2 years ago. I learned of his blog because his nickname on one of the expat sites I studied before moving here is apstyle. (If you don't get that, don't worry -- journalism thing.) He also posts almost daily and is an amusing writer. And, frankly, his site is what motivated me to do ours. Mr. C and I have exchanged a few e-mails, but I don't know him and I just check his blog every once in a while to see what they're up to.

So, those two things collided last week when we checked in on 2Crabs to find that Mr. C had flown home to Manassas. He had gotten "the phone call." Mr. C writes that he knew that call was coming, given his father's illness, but when it comes, you're never ready for it. His subsequent posts beautifully document his father's last days, both in words and in pictures.

It doesn't matter that they're strangers; they are like us -- a couple close to family in spirit but not in geography having a grand adventure in another country. And in far too many ways, it hits close to home. So tonight, thoughts and prayers to the Soriano family.

And also tonight, we're thinking of our own families and friends. We love you all very much and send you big rockin' hugs. And now that I've made my own self cry writing this, let me encourage all of you to please go take some vitamins, get a little exercise, and eat your 5 a day. Please wear protective gear at all times and don't engage in dangerous activities. Maybe don't leave the house, just in case. Also, children must stop getting older and doing things like walking and graduating from college. Thank you.

Much love,

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