Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dancing sheep

Well, after our disappointment at the not so wholesome Strawberry Fair, we were delighted about 2 weekends ago to go to the Cambridge Town and Country Show, which was a new fair held in the middle of the city on Parker's Piece, a huge grassy lawn a short walk from our place. Now that was a true fair. It had fresh strawberries, the ubiquitous beer tent, inflatable slides, clowns, a puppet show, fudge, incredibly good cheese from Wales, a medieval village with swordplay lessons, train and tractor rides AND sheep! Yes, the star attraction was an Australian (pic above) describing the various strains of sheep used around the world, including one that looks like it is wearing wool dreadlocks that hang over its eyes. The host could have been a stand-up comic--he actually shaved a sheep on stage. I was impressed that the wool coal ended up as one large piece. The finale of the show was having the sheep "dance". Each one had a signature move when the music came on. The dreadlocks sheep, for example, shook its woolly hair from side to side. Good stuff! --jt

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