Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day of the Year, Literally and Figuratively

Sunrise, Cambridge, U.K.: 4:38 a.m.
Sunset: 9:20 p.m.

Sixteen hours and 42 minutes of daylight -- not too shabby. The longest day of the year still has 24 hours in it. Our June 21, however, is going to last 29. We're returning to DC for the weekend, so our westward flight will extend our day by 5 hours.

On the figurative side of things is the fact that, ONCE AGAIN, Maxjet has cancelled our flight. We're rescheduled on a different flight on a different airline out of a different airport. As I type, we're on the bus to Heathrow. We'd wanted to check out the bus sooner or later, but maybe not before an 8-hour flight. It picks up just 3 blocks from our house and, with stops, takes two an a half hours. (It would take an hour and a half driving directly door-to-door.) And, since what Maxjet told us, "Just turn up at Heathrow and give Virgin Atlantic your name and they'll put you on their flight in first class," has, oh, I don't know, abut 742 ways to go awry, we're getting to the airport nice and early. So that will mean a few hours in Heathrow even before we get on the flight, which have I mentioned is 8 hours long? We arrived in England in February on Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class Cabin, which of course is amazing and lovely and space-agey, BUT STILL AN AIRPLANE. (Have I mentioned how much I love flying? Or have you picked up on that already?)

Alas, that is all the whining I'm going to do. Because at the end of that flight are 5 days that I'm really looking forward to, and a crapload of friends who we miss dearly. And also Chipotle burritos. And hopefully no leggings. But if leggings have come to DC, well, then, I've got a flight back on Monday. That is, if it doesn't get cancelled.

update, 4:30 p.m.: John just ordered a margarita. I just finished a beer and a lovely plate of cheese, smoked mackerel, green bean salad, and beets. We're sitting in the Virgin Atlantic lounge between the pool table and the wall-sized TV. The hair salon is on the other side of the lounge, just past the bar and deli. Extra hours? Bring it on.

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