Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Strawberry Fair

I was really excited. A Strawberry Fair! It's been on our events calendar for months, and has been hyped locally. It *is* strawberry season, after all. It's been promoted as Music! Crafts! Games! Fun for the whole family! And, I thought, surely there must be tons of strawberries!

Well, there was tons of something.

It was quite a site, and definitely good people-watching. It was much more like Woodstock than your average weekend fair in the park. It was made more rowdy by the fact that the kids (all kids -- primary, secondary, college, university) were all off for midterm break this past week and have to go back on Monday, so this was the last hurrah for the older ones before they go back to school. I haven't seen so much Smirnoff Ice since ... well, for a while.

The main attraction is the music -- there are several music tents that have different themes. We stopped and listened in the acoustic tent, then in another tent that had a good band -- until they started singing. Our favorite was probably an almost-ska band that rapped. They had a sense of humor despite it being 100 million degrees in their tent. However, since we don't know any small bands, we didn't bother getting a program (had to pay for it). We probably should have just picked a tent and sat in it for a while.

Here are a few girls dressed as strawberries. Them and one vendor selling little plastic cups of strawberries represented the extent of the strawberry presence at the fair.

But one whole corner of the common was devoted to alternative healing. Didgeridoo massage, anyone?

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