Sunday, July 8, 2007


Yesterday was the anniversary of the London bombings in 2005, in which 56 people were killed and 700 injured. Last weekend, two undetonated car bombs were found in central London just a few days after new UK prime minister Gordon Brown took office. Later that day, a Jeep drove into Glasgow airport and burst into flames. It's all a reminder that there are some irrational people in this world who think that blowing things up solves problems.

We, of course, are fine. Living in Washington, D.C., for many years, and particularly the last six, has given us a heightened awareness of such things. The bombers' ties to Cambridge are bizarre, but that's about it. The last week's events did prompt us to write out an emergency plan -- meeting places in London and in Cambridge, protocols for when one or both of us is in London, assigning a contact in both families and keeping them aprised of our whereabouts, that sort of thing. It's something we never did in Washington -- but should have.

How's England reacting? Business as usual. Last weekend's Diana memorial concert went on, albeit with tighter security; Wimbledon carried on -- thwarted only by the weather; yesterday, the LiveEarth concert was a smashing success; today, stage 1 of the Tour de France sets off from London. Shutting things down would be letting them win, and this is not a nation that backs down.

Here in Cambridge, the weeks and weeks of rain subsided just in time for a weekend full of fairs, festivities, and food. It's Cambridge's Big Weekend, and thousands have turned out for the fun and merriment. Last night ended with an impressive fireworks show that would rival many US shows. We missed the 4th and the fun that comes with it, but we embraced the celebrations in our new home -- and the fact that life presses on.

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