Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cambridge Visitors

Alright, now that I've got a few people thinking we're desperately lonely, slobbery messes, let me reassure you that we ARE having a fabulous time, and we've met some wonderful people. Not only that, we've had guests! Or, at least, four people we know who were otherwise in the greater Cambridge area and we saw them. That still counts, right?!

In early April, KT's friend and former boss B and her fiance E were in Cambridgeshire (in Ely) for a dance weekend. They drove down for a day, and we all went on a walking tour of Cambridge.

Later on in April, a colleague of JT's from The Magazine stayed with us while attending a conference at the university. (She wrote this article out of the conference. Cool, huh?) AG gets a gold star for being a gracious guest who sent grape jam and a copy of her book as a thank you. Totally unnecessary, yet fun.

In June, we had a pub lunch with accomplished science writer SB who was in town for a Templeton Fellowship. We also had a nice visit with her partner. He stayed with us a for a few days while SB was ... fellowshipping. We'll likely see S again in August when she comes back to present her fellowship project.

And this week, KT got to meet co-worker PS, who had been in London over the weekend and came to Cambridge for a quick stay. We got to see each other for all of an hour, but it was fun to meet in person (we've never met, but we talk every week via conference call).

We snapped this picture to send to our editor, who seems to think we're voice twins. It comes in handy when one of us has a good idea or a dumb idea -- we can either claim credit or point fingers.

We know that most of the deliberate guests won't come until year two or three, but it's fun to have the occasional accidental guest and to show off our town. And we've got plenty of room, including a dedicated guest room, so come any time!!

Errr, but maybe you should give us at least little bit of warning.

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