Friday, July 27, 2007

Wellie Watching

Unlike much of the rest of England, We're not flooding here. Or at least, not as dramatically as some of the pictures you've seen. Our drainage must be good, and we're not in the path of runoff from other flooded areas. (Or something.) However, we have been getting quite a lot of the rain. The ground is pretty soaked, and in our most recent storm, which featured strong winds, some trees came down that simply couldn't hold themselves into the saturated ground.

On Tuesday this week, we finally got a day of sunshine. It was like that commercial (oh, wait, it's a British commercial) where everyone walks away from their desk, goes outside, and looks at the sky. "Wow, what's that?" we all pondered. "That orb in the sky! It's so ... warm! and bright!"

Then it thunderstormed Wednesday. And Thursday, just before the Cambridge Folk Festival began, it poured a good couple of inches. All day on the radio they were saying, "Be sure to bring your wellies!" I laughed, thinking that the DJs were saying that in jest. I thought there would be a few people wellies -- knee-high rubber boots -- but almost *everyone* was wearing wellies. Well, OK, maybe just half of everyone. But that's still a lot of folks! Who knew so many people had wellies. And in different colors! And patterns! I think I will have to get me some wellies.

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