Friday, August 31, 2007

Celebrity Sighting!

Guess who we saw yesterday? Just guess!

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria.

Cool, huh?

We´re in Alicante, Spain, and the hotel next to us is housing a bunch of basketball players for a European tournament. On Wednesday, we watched a bunch of the Spain players leave the hotel amid crowds of fans. That day, Spain played France, and Spain won.

(I bet you´re thinking that my command of Spanish must be amazing if I learned all that. There were two giant buses outside that hotel with "EuroBasket2007" painted on the side, and one had a big sign in the windshield that said "España" and the other said "Francia." Not hard to figure out.)

Thursday, I glanced at the local paper and was able to figure out that Spain won, and saw that Tony Parker was playing for France.

Fastforward past our leisurely breakfast, our 7 hours on the beach, and our 3 hour stroll around Alicante which included tapas for dinner in a gorgeous courtyard. We were heading back to our hotel, and I glanced up at that neighboring hotel. There was Eva, and she was looking at Tony chatting with someone. Tony turned, took Eva´s hand, and they started heading straight by us. I, speechless and grinning like an idiot, snapped a picture, and JT managed "good luck this season!"

I have 2 minutes left on this computer, so have to cut short. Unbelievable picture to come. (That´s a joke. My camera was on night mode; it´s one big blur.)

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