Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's did Ice-T just say?

We will soon post more about our fun trip to Denmark, but I thought I would just share one quick list of the American shows I saw on Danish TV during my week there: Simpsons, MacGyver, David Letterman Show, John Stewart Show, Rambo, 24, Battlestar Galatica, House, Shark, Law & Order--all 3 versions (Ice-T speaking dubbed Danish is a hoot!), Bones, Dawson Creek, Larry Sanders Show, Without a Trace, Stargate, CSI--all 3 versions.

About 70% were in English with Danish subtitles, while the rest were dubbed in Danish. Oddly, I saw some Simpsons episodes dubbed, others subtitled.

Then there was the Danish version of Survivor.

For those not familiar with the Danish language, it's tough to learn. One Dane at my meeting said Danish and Dutch are "diseases of the throat"!

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