Monday, October 1, 2007

Tres Chickas En Barcelona

Synopsis: Three American women rent an apartment in Barcelona. What could possibly go wrong?

Characters: AW, the editor from DC who has been peed on by a goat; RT, the well-traveled freelancer from the Bay area; and KT, the expat who looks at you blankly when asked, "Where are you from?"

Run time: 10 days.

Best lines:
AW: "That lady looked annoyed when I shoved her."

RT: Anyone want to go out to dinner with Lilly flacks?
KT: Who's Lilly Flacks?

.... and about 10 million more.

A favorite scene:

The one at the restaurant where KT surreptitiously points her camera backwards while AW looks at the screen to direct the taking of a photo of a man with completely irrational eyebrows

A scene repeated throughout:
Waiter brings something to our table in a restaurant.
KT: [says thank you in Portugese.]
RT: [says thank you in German.]
AW: [says thank you in Mandinka,]


We're all science journalists and were in Barcelona to cover a cancer conference. We each live 3,000 to 7,000 miles away from the others and see each other a few times a year. On day 3 or so, we met up with a colleague who insisted our situation was a sitcom. We decided we could at least get a pilot out of it. I wish I could think of more of our funny lines from the trip, but more than anything, it was 10 days of laughing -- sometimes at nothing in particular. The detailed overview of the sightseeing portion of the trip will come soon. For me, though, this trip was made exponentially better by getting to experience it with friends. Thanks, ladies - I had a blast.

RT, AW, and KT on top of Casa Batllo, designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain

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