Monday, February 18, 2008

Shh, it's a secret

About two weeks ago, we decided to give our new old car some exercise. We drove first to nearby Newmarket, where we failed to get our UK provisional driver's licenses--we have to send in our passports to an office, we learned. Then we headed off to Chelmsford, a city about an hour from Cambridge and the home of a Winter Beer Festival. We had a delightful time, sampling about 10 beers, including some Belgians, over the course of a few hours. But before we got to Chelmsford, we almost got side-tracked by a most unusual road-sign.

Now, wouldn't you be tempted by the arrow to the secret nuclear bunker? Only the promise of beer kept us on the way to Chelmsford. But we do plan to vist the SECRET nuclear bunker soon. It's apparently a shelter built during the Cold War for military, government officials and other VIPs. It's now a tourist attraction and companies can even rent it out for retreats or conferences. Check out their website, appropriately named

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