Friday, March 7, 2008

All Packed

That? Is my luggage for three days in Venice. We're both chronic overpackers, but not this time. See, the discount airlines now charge for everything, up to and including oxygen. (Well, I'm sure one of those taxes covers oxygen.) They charge me to check in. How do you avoid the charge? Check in online. Except I can't -- because you have to have a European passport to do so. So, to avoid giving them one more cent than I have to, I'm avoiding the checked baggage fee by taking one small item - that's it. No purse, no other bag, certainly no computer (yay!).

So perhaps John is already there. Perhaps he also has a suitcase with him. And it's possible the suitcase contains a pair of my shoes. But I've got all I really need here. At least, I think I do ...

Bye for a few days!

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