Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bounce Bounce

It was a big sporting night last evening. The Washington Capitols lost a tough game seven in overtime to the Philadelphia Flyers, ending their Stanley Cup run (I taped the game and watched it this morning). Most of England was watching Liverpool take on Chelsea in the Champions League semifinal. Liverpool was at home and were ahead 1-0 til the minute when a Liverpool defender accidentally knocked the ball into his own net. Now they play at Chelsea.

But the BIG news was that Cambridge United clinched a playoff spot with a 2-0 home win over Torquay. We debated attending the game but stayed at home--amazingly, we could hear the crowd's chants of "Bounce Bounce" and "Amber Army" from the stadium a good mile or two away. Torquay is in second place--and could be United's playoff opponent next week--so this was a great win and makes everyone relaxed for the last regular season game on Saturday. We have to wait til then to find out who the team plays--and whether we will roadtrip to a playoff game of not. If United wins the first round (a home/away 2 game series), they would play at Wembley stadium on May 18 for the right to move up into the real Football League.


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