Monday, April 28, 2008

Of Playoffs and Postal Addresses

Woo-hoo--Playoff tickets have just been purchased. Next Tuesday, we'll be watching United's home game against Burton. The U's won their final game Saturday and actually ended up second in their league (I know that's hard to believe Mark and Shira--you two saw their one loss in the past 6 games!) They play their away game Friday against Burton. I guess starting away is better in football because then you know what result you need at home--in a 2 game series, a 0-0 tie at home might be enough depending on whether you scored in the away match. Let's hope it doesn't get that complicated.

And for those not interested in mediocre English football, we wanted to pass on a postal tip. A few cards have taken the long route to us because people are putting "U.K" right after Cambridge. The postal code (the UK zipcode) should go there. One card went via Paradise Park in California.

I won't post our address here, but I'll use the prime minister's home to show the proper form :
Gordon Brown
10 Downing St
London, SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom

It's also best to spell out U.K. to help any automated sorting machines.--jt

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