Monday, August 4, 2008

Here Come the Girls

KT will fill you in more on the rain-soaked but fun-filled 4-day Cambridge Folk Festival she attended but one highlight from Saturday, the day I attended, was hearing New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint. The producer-singer-songwriter is in the rock-and-roll hall of fame and puts on a great show (Here's a NPR story on him and an interesting bio from his label). He might be best know for writing "Working in the Coalmine", which he sang at the show, but his latest claim to fame is that he's the writer for song that Boots, a UK pharmacy company, used to sell makeup in a TV commercial. The ad was fueled by a catchy song, "Here Come the Girls", that subsequently shot up the British charts, which is amusing since the song barely made a ripple when Ernie K-Doe released it in the 1940s. A New Orleans paper tells the tale of how the song was resurrected, years after his death. Sadly, Toussaint did not sing the belated hit (perhaps because he doesn't own the rights?). --jt

Here's the Boots ad:

And here's the full Ernie K Doe version:

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