Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not a bad view

This is the view I expect to see a lot of over the next week (the mountains are the Apuan Alps, a longtime source of Italian marble used by Romans, Michelangelo, and many more). The weeks of work in Paris andFlorence are over and we, after some map fiascos and some interesting roadside encounters (more on that later) have finally relocated ourselves to a Tuscany beach town along the Mediterannean sea. Sadly, the cute villa we rented isn't walking distance to the beach but KT can handle the short drive there without hitting too many Italians on motocyles. We got in late Saturday and took a quick look at the private beach club in which we have an umbrella, chairs and lounger reserved--the folks running it were very nice and we can't wait to do nothing for at least a few days (if not the whole wee). Maybe today we'll actually take a picture of the sea. Or just read in the shade til we fall asleep!

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