Thursday, October 9, 2008

Read All About Me--Or Not

The gal who approached me on Saturday as I walked on Fitzroy Street wasn't a charity worker--whew. Uh-oh, it was worse. She was a reporter for the local tabloid, the Cambridge Evening News, and she wanted to interview me about the credit crunch and how people in the UK are reacting to the financial crisis. Feeling sorry for her, I agreed only to learn they were videotaping the interviews as the CEN has gone multimedia to lure in the internet generation. If you dare, here's the result--a story that doesn't quote me but a video in which I'm the first respondent. I didn't even buy the Monday paper after seeing I wasn't quoted in the story. But too late I realized they do photospreads and quotes in addition to such stories--anyone save their Monday CEN?!--JT
(Updated link to video--hope it works now. or go to Cambridge Evening News, find the video page and look for "Counting the coins...")


Susan said...

Didn't save the CEN, but would like to see the video. I think your link is broken though.

Nora Bee said...

You're famous!