Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red What?

We're in London this week--yes, all week. We rented a posh apartment and are both working and playing. It's a nice change from the quick trips down from Cambridge and the dash to catch a train home at night. We'll update you more later but I just wanted to jot a quick note about a tidbit from our Sunday stroll among various markets. We stopped in a pub for an afternoon pint when I was taken aback by the T-shirt worn by the college-age bartender. It was Detroit Red Wings Stanly Cup championship shirt from the 90s. "I didn't expect to find a Wings fan here," I remarked. He looked puzzled so I pointed at the shirt and said "the hockey team. "Oh, that's funny. I had no clue who this was. I just bought the shirt someplace," he replied.

That's not the only time we've seen something American worn or said without the Brits having a clue what they're doing. Just yesterday the Guardian had an article lamenting the use of the baseball cliche "step up to the plate" by English politicians. Here's part of Duncan Campbell's rant: "This is what is so disturbing about "stepping up to the plate". Have the people who use it ever seen a baseball game? What's so great about stepping up to the plate anyway? You just put one foot in front of the other."

That's all for now--the inauguration is about to start and Obama is stepping up to the plate.


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Kathy Amen said...

I was in London last fall and I swear I saw someone wearing a NY Yankees (boo!) cap EVERY day. I often wondered how many people knew what it meant, or whether they just liked being associated with New York....

Neat blog!