Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring in Full Swing

We're having a fairly low-key spring, spending our weekends relaxing and staying in England rather than zipping off for weekends away on The Continent -- hence the lack of many updates. We went on another walk with the local Ramblers group in and around Grafham Water, a huge reservoir about 20 miles west of Cambridge.

We've been enjoying spring by visiting some old haunts, such as Milton Country Park, and some new ones, including the Darwin Farm Shop, which even has its own farm.

And we've discovered you can look at our house on Google Street View, which launched last week in the U.K. While I'm a bit creeped about by the fact that you can see my car parked in front of my house on my street, I don't consider it the privacy invasion that several others do, and today an organization issued a formal complaint against it. So, if you've got my address, enjoy looking around my neighborhood while you can. Or, better yet, come visit: Airfares are lower than they have been in years. The pound remains weak against the dollar and euro, so we're staying put. But it's a great time to spend your US dollars in Britain -- the exchange rate continues to hover under 1.5 (it was $2 to £1 for much of last year).

That's about it for today. I'm off to enjoy the spring sunshine.

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