Sunday, August 23, 2009

And yet, summer marches on

It's funny how nice weather can erase any memory of bad weather. Since the Met Office retracted the barbecue summer, it's actually been pretty nice. Above is an outdoor production of The Tempest we went to this week in the Trinity College Fellows Garden.

And here's a rest stop on our 20-mile ride today, for which it was sunny and 80 degrees F, around the villages north of Cambridge. That's a giant chestnut tree in front of St. Michael's Church in Longstanton. The church dates from the 13th century.

Last weekend, we took a 12-mile walk with our local Ramblers group along the River Ouse. We both wore shorts and short sleeves. We stopped under this tree for lunch.
Those walks almost always involve cutting through pasture. Our encounters with livestock vary.
The walks also always involve a pub stop. This is in the one-pub town of Holywell. You can see what kind of weather we had to contend with.
We also encounter a lot of churches.
All in all, when the weather's not crap, it's really gorgeous -- the most gorgeous summer we've had here, by far.

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