Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Snowy New Year!

Happy New Year from Cambridge! It's been a snowy one so far. These pictures are admittedly from our first snow a few weeks ago, as opposed to the snow that's been accumulating all week. I could probably take new pictures, but I'm on an essential-trips-only mode. Why? Because our street looks like this:

They don't really do snow removal here. So people walk and drive on the snow, and it makes ice. Lots and lots of ice. Our street above doesn't get sunlight in these wee winter hours, so it's one big sheet of ice. And then it will rain and freeze and then there's more ice. Perhaps you can guess by now that I've had some rather nasty run-ins with the ice. Biking is a bit dangerous, too, but it's tough to know if you're better on the bike or off it. These guys say off.

Still, though, it's awfully pretty. It's been snowing across the whole country all week, and yesterday around lunch time here's what the country looked like from space:

Not bad, eh? And on a nice day, there is no prettier place in the world than Cambridge. I just don't say that very often in the winter.

Hmm. Maybe it's time for a walk after all.

(See more snowy pictures here.)
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