Sunday, June 20, 2010

London Poses

I got told twice today that I couldn't take pictures of something. The first was trying to capture a 'GUESTLIST ONLY' sign + the 4 security guards + the inside of a wannabe-posh club. The security guards were having none of that. The second time was trying to take a picture of a handsome dog. His owner says, "no photos, please." Whaaa ...? Rather annoying, that.

But fortunately, some others were less camera shy.

 This is the resident dog at MacBlack & Vine, a retro furniture and fine wine shop in Broadway Market, London. (Some furniture maintenance occurring in the background; this didn't bother the dog in the least.)

The Sunday UpMarket in Brick Lane is hipsters' paradise, and this lovely little girl proves that you're never too young to be hip. She flashed me a smile right after this shot, but I think this one is her runway pose, don't you?

But this is by far the best, I think. These are the charismatic ladies of the Monkeypoodle Cake Company, which specializes in wheat- and gluten-free goodies.

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