Friday, September 28, 2007

Back in the USA

Sunrise at the White House

As my wife tries to get herself arrested in Barcelona, I'm in Washington DC for work. It's weird being back because I am starting to see things in DC as slightly off.
--the jogger to cyclist ratio. DC is full of people jogging in t-shirts and gym shorts, while in Cambridge people are on all sorts of bikes
--clean, cheap subway. Yes, cheap--a normal London tube fare, if paid in cash, is 4 pounds, almost 8 dollars. If you have the Oyster card (like DC's SmartTrip card), it's only around 1.5 pounds, but that's still $3 for a short trip, about half the price of a Metro ride within DC
--a clean city. DC just seems cleaner than most European cities, which aren't so much dirtier as older, I guess.

It is fun being back and seeing friends. I am even enjoying my old commute since I'm staying at our condo with my niece--I hopped on the bus down Connecticut Ave, which dropped me off in front of the White House, a short walk from the office. I have also used my week here to 1)watch TV on TIVO again (how do I survive without it?!) 2)eat my favorite pizza, 3)try the new Ben & Jerry's Cinnanon Buns flavor (mmm) 4)watch lots of American football, 5)devour BBQ and 6)simply enjoy my old Cleveland Park neighborhood. All that said, I'm surprisingly ready to get back to my European adventure.--jt

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