Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cattle Update

We got home from our little Spanish vacation yesterday (more on that soon). Among the pile of mail was a flier for Cambridge Cattle -- the cows I told you about back in April.

I'll tell you more about what the flier says in a second. First, though, this, from the Web site given on the front of the flier:

"This summer we only had one incidence of a steer being chased by a dog into the river and walking across the Cam to the boathouses. With the help of some of the rowers he walked calmly back over the bridge to rejoin the herd. Apart from this they have had good summer with plenty of grass and many encounters with the public. I hope everybody has enjoyed them as much as I have."

A dog. Chased the steer. Into the river. And rowers walked him back. Over the bridge. I can't stop chuckling about this. I also can't picture it; there are houseboats moored along almost the entire stretch of river where said incident must have taken place. Can you imagine looking out your houseboat window to see a little red cow walking by through the water?

Anyway. The point of the flier: "Now that the grazing season comes to its end and the steers are almost 30 months old, it will be possible to purchase the meat." Order your fillet or sirloin or mince (British word for ground whatever -- beef mince, lamb mince, etc.) now. I grew up in farm country, but I can't bring myself to even think about putting in an order. Seems like the cows should go be in a petting zoo or something, since they grew up in such a public place. Ah well, circle of life, blah blah.

I noticed last week that there were only 6 cows out there, where there used to be 8. Given that the first dates for meat delivery are this weekend, and their aging the meat for 3 weeks, I believe I now know where those two went. And it wasn't into the river. (Chuckle. A dog! Chased! Cow! River!)

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