Thursday, July 24, 2008

Casa, sweet casa

Apologies for the blog silence for the last week ... errrr ... more than a week. We're home after a been in Barcelona for a meeting, and both of us were blogging other (JT) places (KT) during it. Despite the intense work, there was plenty of time for intense fun as well. We met new friends and saw lots of old ones. See, for example, the ladies at right, who were all part of ... let's call it a "club" in DC and who now all live elsewhere. (Photo by Sarah, or rather Sarah's camera.)

We'll post more soon, although it will be nothing like the sightseeing- and food-heavy trip from last year, although it does include a return to at least 3 places I went last year because, well, why not? This year's trip also includes a tale of JT fighting off a pickpocketer with his bare hands -- an experience we could have done without. Nevertheless, we had a good time, and reinforced how much we like Spain.

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