Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Wine for a Good Cause

When KT's trip to the U.S. had to be canceled because of our ongoing woes with the U.K. Border Agency, it did give us an opportunity to attend a wine tasting fundraising event for Haitian relief efforts by the British Red Cross. Hosted by our favorite local wine store, the evening took place at Emmanuel College and consisted of bottles donated by Cambridge college wine stewards and others in town. Brett, one of the owners of the wine store, was the MC, telling us the background of each wine. We like him because he's very down-to-earth, and he knows us by now! He later emailed KT for photos of the event as he noticed her snapping away (KT notes that she's now on a first name basis with the local wine seller, cheesemonger, and pub-owner--we have been here 3 years!). The event was a good excuse to visit another college and meet some new people. It was also a reminder of how fortunate the two of us are. --JT

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