Saturday, April 16, 2011

4 years, 2 months, 4 days

… and it feels like 5 minutes. Didn’t we just get here?

No, it turns out. Four years of adventures. Four years of living. Four years of working. Four years of playing.


We get complimented a lot on making the most of our time in England. This was a conscious decision. Before February 2007, we had two TVs and two TiVOs in our one-bedroom apartment. Our YMCA memberships rarely got used. Moving to England was going to mean leaving that behind. Getting off the couch. Experiencing life in another country.


A few months ago, we started to panic about all the stuff we hadn’t done, all the places we hadn’t seen. Should we try to fit them in?


In the end, we settled for one last trip – a week in Ireland. Europe will still be here no matter when we come back. And rest assured, we will be back.


A colleague at work asked if we were leaving home or going home. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that the answer is yes. We are leaving home, and going home.
After all, home is where your bunnies are.


Cheers, England. It’s been, in a word, incredible.