Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

... a day late. I know, I know. And we haven't posted in more than a week. I'm still trying to finish my dang trip report from Barcelona a month ago, and we've been to Strasbourg since then, too. The good news is we have NO TRIPS PLANNED as of now. (At least, not until I buy these here plane tickets, hmm.) So, since you can't read about our trips just now, go read about Two Crabs' camping trip around Europe, or John Kelly's trip around western England. (Both of those guys are also American journalists living in England.) Kelly also managed to write a pre-Halloween Halloween post, and a post-Halloween Halloween post. There. I need not say more.

I should spend some more time in the evening working on posts, but I'm too busy thinking about ironing (and not doing it), not reading all the newspapers I ask JT to buy, and not planning more trips. We are, however, watching a little more TV. Our latest fave is BBC's Classical Star, where young classical musicians are competing for a record deal. These kids are intense. Also nice: The show is 5 weeks long. Five episodes. An hour a week. None of this American Idol 3 times a week for 3 weeks of auditions, then 900 more weeks of bad performances. We here in the UK can watch the episodes from that link; let me know if you can watch them in the US. Good stuff.

Alright. Since I clearly have nothing to say, look at some pictures:

Dahlias in bloom a couple of weeks ago out at Angsley Abbey:

Fall in full swing in Cambridge:

And a quiz -- can you guess what's for dinner?

Will get to work on being more interesting. Right after tea.

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