Monday, November 26, 2007

Make Mine Man-Sized

From the "they think we need it" department ...

When placing an online grocery order recently, I made my usual perusal of the sale items. Tissues were on sale, so I bought four boxes. I didn't read the fine print. When the order arrived, I had four boxes of ...
Kleenex for Men. Now, that photo makes them look no different than other tissues. Maybe comparing to a regular box will help:

They're HUGE. Perhaps the damp, chilly climate makes men's noses particularly runny? And they blow their noses with the force of a jet engine and therefore need more surface area to contain the shrapnel?

I suppose Kleenex for Chronic Sinusitis or Kleenex for That Guy At the Back of the Church Who Sounds Like A Foghorn When He Blows His Nose didn't pass the marketing department.

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