Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Minivan Madness

We rented a car the weekend before Thanksgiving so we could visit some Christmas craft markets outside Cambridge and do needed Thanksgiving shopping. Or at least we thought we rented a car, a VW Golf to be specific. So when KT and I walked into the rental company's parking lot and she said, "Oh no, I hope we didn't get that minivan", I quickly responded "No way".


If I have the numbers right, this is the 4th time out of 5 attempts, we've been "upgraded" because the company has so few automatics. The minivan barely fit into our driveway as you can see. It also wasn't the best timing as gas here finally rose above a British pound per liter (more than $8/gallon). I'm just glad we didn't drive far that weekend, although we still spent about $40 in gas.


John Kelly said...

They really soak you on the automatic surcharge, don't they? I prefer a manual and I really started insisting on one when they said they'd charge an extra 40 or 50 quid for the weekend.

We narrowly avoided getting an SUV last time we rented a car. Luckily we were able to get a station wagon--an "estate"--instead.

KT&JT said...

We actually get quiet good deals on automatics from Europcar if you prepay using their advance internet deals--prices can vary considerably depending on how you get quotes. KT does manuals, I don't--she's the better navigator so I drive. JT