Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Short Drive for a Long Walk

Music: Driving In My Car, Madness

Since we've been car owners for two whole weeks, we thought we'd actually drive the car (which is named Ralph, by the way). First stop: Petrol (British for gas) station. 45.5 liters of petrol for £50 = 12 gallons for US$100 = US$8.30/gallon.


So, we drove all of 7 miles or so to Angsley Abbey, where we've been a few times before. They're known for good snowdrop viewing. Snowdrops (the white flower above) make their appearance in January, and they're all over Angsley Abbey. Angsley's winter garden is lovely, too. More pictures below.

We made further use of our new car by going to a New Grocery Store to buy all the heavy things that don't work well in a bike basket. Then we ran into one of JT's coworkers. Nothing like running into someone you know when your shopping cart's full of Diet Coke and beer.

So ... that's all I got. We'll try to get back to being more thrilling soon. Or else I'll just resort to eating more weird food for blog fodder. Here, look at pretty pictures.


John Kelly said...

I sometimes contemplate getting a car. I try to figure out if buying an inexpensive wreck would be cheaper than renting a car, which I've done three or four times since being here and may do two or three more times before we leave. It probably would be cheaper, but then I remember all the associated costs: insurance, petrol, the irritation of finding a place to park (no parking space or garage for us). Then there's the worry of it breaking down.

But having said all that,I'm envious. I miss being able to jump in a car and DRIVE, one of my favorite activities.

KTinDC said...

It was a tough choice, and in the end we decided to get a car for convenience, not to save money. (Although having Europcar charge us £235 for a nick in the chrome of a car we rented did help tip the scales in favor of getting a car we can dent to our hearts' content.) We have a "no unnecessary driving" rule, which I already practiced in DC anyway because it took an important, non-Metroable trip to get me to give up a precious Cleveland Park parking spot.

But yeah. Things like yesterday's trip -- "hey, let's go look at snowdrops" -- are why we got the car. Hopefully future spontaneous trips will be farther than 7 miles away!