Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ode to Boobs

Before seeing Elizabeth: The Golden Age on Friday, we were treated to 27 minutes of commercials and previews. (Seriously.) One of the commericals was ... eyebrow raising? Moderately shocking? Rather funny? Slightly baffling? It's a public service announcement about breast cancer.

Fair warning: If you're at work, make sure it doesn't matter if someone walks by and sees a topless woman on your computer monitor.

Also, DEAR PERVERTS WHO GOOGLED "FILTHY NAKED LADIES" AND ENDED UP HERE (what, you think I don't look at my referrer stats? Think again.): You ended up at the wrong place. The post you're looking for is this one, and it's about football and contains no naked ladies. So there.

Anyway, back to the video. What do you think? Can you picture that on American TV or at the cinema?


John Kelly said...

That's an interesting PSA. They obviously put a lot of thought into finding just the right boobs, nothing too pneumatic or, um, perky, just normal run-of-the-mill breasts that weren't at all sexualized.

Gabe said...

Nicely clinical, I'd say, with just the right amount of bracing "oh my God, those are ... exposed boobs!" to make you really think about the message. It's probably more effective than the pink color-coded products one can buy in the United States to help fight breast cancer.